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Swith off and relax, even though you’re not staying at the hotel.

Wellness realization by

LOREMA Wellness


We all need time for ourselves. No matter if you are seeking for a quiet place to think some things through or you just want to unwind. In our private wellness you will have all the time and serenity in the world.


You don´t have to leave our private spa all day long. We will be happy to prepare a bottle of champagne and strawberries ahead and for the rest of our menu you can call straight to the restaurant.

Finnish sauna

What would be a spa without traditional Finnish sauna. In high temperature you can sweat out toxins, clear out skin and burn up to 600 calories in thirty minutes. In ice cold pool you will then boost your immunity and you will feel the rush of new energy in entire body.

Steam room

If you catch yourself dreaming of tropical weather, visit our steam room. Thanks to the combination of high humidity and high temperature you will immediately feel like being on beaches of Thailand. On top of that you will clean your lungs, brighten up your skin and fight off first signs of cold.

Shower with chromotherapy

You can multiply all benefits of sauna, good food and relaxation in a special shower with light. Color lights are claimed to help replenish and balance energy lacking from body and evoke calmness.

Thai massages

We like to work with the bests. Have a peaceful time and enjoy the perfection. The real thai massage is going to raise your positive energy.

How does it work?

Call the reception and in an hour you can warm yourself up.
There will be towel and a sauna sheet ready for you.
Basic cosmetics as shower gel, body milk and a hairdryer as well. The tea in a relax room is on us and if you’re sauna masters, you can buy the special sauna hats at the reception.

Wellness prices

90 minutes
1 – 2 pers. 500 CZK
3 pers. 660 CZK
4 pers. 800 CZK
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Something to eat

Wellness menu

Mix of 450 g 345 CZK
quality cheese and salami with grapes, walnuts and bread
Club sanwich with chicken 200 g 155 CZK
fried egg, bacon, tomato and lettuce
Club sandwich with smoked salmon 200 g 165 CZK
cucumber, lettuce and dill dresing
Roasted almonds 100 g 85 CZK
Salted cashew nuts 100 g 85 CZK
Fruit salad 250 g 95 CZK

Wellness drinks

Evian water 0,33 l 40 CZK
Pilsner Urquell 0,3 l 30 CZK
Coca cola 0,25 l 30 CZK
Bohemia Sekt 0,2 l 80 CZK
Juice Granini 0,2 l 30 CZK
Müller Thurgau 0,2 l 60 CZK
Frankovka 0,2 l 60 CZK

A cup of hot tea included in wellness price.

Wellness ve FAIRHOTELu Brno
Wellness ve FAIRHOTELu Brno
Wellness ve FAIRHOTELu Brno
Wellness ve FAIRHOTELu Brno
Wellness ve FAIRHOTELu Brno
Wellness ve FAIRHOTELu Brno
Wellness ve FAIRHOTELu Brno
Wellness ve FAIRHOTELu Brno
Wellness ve FAIRHOTELu Brno
Wellness ve FAIRHOTELu Brno

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