May, 20 . May, 26

Asparagus week

Asparagus everywhere! After a year you can enjoy the asparagus menu this week. Enjoy it. ;-)


Asparagus tartar with avocado, cheese and spring onion with nut granola 120 g 125 CZK


Chicken broth with meat, vegetables and asparagus egg pancake with spinach 250 ml 45 CZK
Asparagus veloute with poached egg, cream and pistachio 250 ml 55 CZK

Main courses

Sous vide corn poulard supreme, bacon wrapped asparagus with spring potatoes and tarragon sauce 200 g 195 CZK
Roasted shrimp tagliatelle on white wine with asparagus, chilli and basil 250 g 185 CZK
Fresh potato salad with asparagus, salad rocket, anchovies and capers with roast beef 250 g 175 CZK
Chicken Gordon bleu with mashed potatoes and Coleslaw salad 150 g 165 CZK
Pork cutlet steak with american potatoes and cheddar sauce 200 g 185 CZK


Dessert of the week 1 ks 45 CZK
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