11. December

Christmas Menu

Christmas is comming soon and same is our special menu full of delicious christmas inspired meals. Visit FAIRCAFE to enjoy the spirit of czech Christmas.


Potato soup with forest mushrooms 250 ml 40 CZK
Fish soup with fried bun 250 ml 65 CZK

Main courses

Fried veal liver with potato salad 150 g 185 CZK
Pork tenderloin stuffed with pears, with roasted potatoes and thyme 200 g 195 CZK
Pork stuffed with Christmas Kuba 150 g 145 CZK
Cabbage gnocchi with smoked meat and sour cabbage 250 g 125 CZK
Carp salad with root vegetables and light mayonnaise dressing 250 g 165 CZK


Pancake with Christmas spices and vanilla ice cream 1 ks 95 CZK
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