7. January

Kuba - Chef Of The Week

Meet Kuba - the newest member of our culinary team who was so brave to prepare the special weekly menu for you according to his taste. You can for example look forward to taste zander fillet poached in black beer, chicken nuggets marinated in yoghurt or homemade bun with vanilla cream. We will be really glad if you stop by and let us know how did you enjoy your meal.


Hen broth with liver rice and blanched vegetables 250 ml 45 CZK
Cabbage soup with spicy sausage and "creme fraiche" 250 ml 45 CZK

Main courses

Mexican pork neck with grilled corn cob and roasted chilli potatoes 200 g 165 CZK
Zander fillet poached in black beer with vegetable bulgur 150 g 210 CZK
Pork tenderloin medallions on cream risotto with dried tomatoes sprinkled with Parmesan cheese 150 g 185 CZK
Fried chicken nuggets marinated in yoghurt with mashed potatoes and garlic dressing 150 g 145 CZK
Znojmo roast beef with bread dumplings 150 g 125 CZK


Homemade bun with vanilla cream 1 ks 65 CZK
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