July, 9 . July, 15

Salad week


Potato soup with forest mushrooms 250 ml 45 CZK
Rabbit broth with spring vegetables and roasted Tyrolean dumpling 250 ml 65 CZK

Main courses

Thai salad with hanger steak 250 g 220 CZK
Leaf lettuce with grilled peach and maple bacon, grissini 250 g 175 CZK
Spinach salad with avocado, strawberries and gorgonzola 250 g 195 CZK
Spring salad with poached egg, mushrooms and mungo sprouts 250 g 145 CZK
Sweet-spicy salad with roasted eggplant, beetroot and pulled pork meat 250 g 205 CZK
Pork neck steak marinated in coarse-grain mustard with rustic potatoes 200 g 155 CZK
Tomato sauce with slow roasted beef and house-made dumplings 150 g 125 CZK


Dessert of the day 1 ks 45 CZK
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