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Spanish week

No plans for a vacation this year? Experience a bit od Spain with FAIRCAFE restaurant! You can look forward to Jamón serrano dry-cured spanish ham with honeydew melon, Gazpacho soup, seafood paella, mejillones rellenos, Beef steak from a ripe bull with piperrada and lots of other spanish specialities.

Come and taste!


Dried jamón serrano ham with honeydew melon 80 g 69 CZK


Gazpacho 250 ml 45 CZK
Sopa de aguacates - avocado soup with cress 250 ml 55 CZK

Main courses

Seafood Paella – portion for 1 person / portion for 2 people 250 / 500 g 210 CZK
Larded tuna with garlic, bacon, white wine and steamed potatoes 150 g 390 CZK
Beef steak from a ripe bull with piperrada - Basque vegetable salad 300 g 350 CZK
Mejillones rellenos - stuffed mussels 12 ks 160 CZK
Ensalada de pescado seco – vegetable salad with dried mackerel 250 g 180 CZK
Lettuce with dried tomatoes, roasted pancetta and balsamic vinegar 200 g 150 CZK


Flan Caramel 1 ks 69 CZK
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