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St. Patrick's Day

Celebrate with us the super popular St. Patrick's Day! It is a one huge party in the streets of Dublin, New York and other full of Irish people and green Leprechauns!

Our celebrations will be more calm, let's say, gastronomic. :-) There will be brunch - Full Irish Breakfast - or lunch / dinner - Irish Stew, something like Irish goulash or (more English, but must be anyway) Fish'n'Chips. As a dessert you can enjoy the Guiness Chocolate Cake. Yum!

And what else to drink on a St. Patrick's Day then a Guiness with Jameson? :-) Slainte! (Irish Cheers)

In offer from Friday 17th till Sunday 19th of March.

Main meals

Full Irish Breakfast 300 g 145 CZK
Irish Stew with lamb and Guiness 150 g 185 CZK
Fish&Chips 150 g 135 CZK


Guiness Chocolate Cake 1 ks 65 CZK
Jameson :-) 0,04 l 49 CZK
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