17. November

Venison Feast

We invite you to a unique gastronomic experience which is tied to the autumn season just as coloured leaves of trees. Venison feast in our restaurant promises an original selection of dishes that will satisfy the taste buds of even the most demanding of you.

WHEN: 21.-27.11.

60g Deer tenderloin carpaccio with rocket salad, tomato concasse and plum marmalade 125 CZK

250ml Venison broth with mushroom custard and fried vegetable julienne 80 CZK

3pc Ricotta ravioli with chanterelle mushrooms and broccoli with peanut butter mousse 125 CZK

150g Wild boar stew with onion salad and bacon pancake 185 CZK

150g Mouflon ragout with chocolate sauce and with crusty buttermilk bread 210 CZK

150g Venison backstrap on port wine with pear confit and almond croquettes 325 CZK

1pc Apple crumble cake with vanilla ice cream 85 CZK

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