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Enjoy our venison specials this week.

Have you tried pheasant broth, fallow deer spine, wild boar tenderloin or mouflon goulash already?

Come and taste!


Lightly smoked boar roastbeef with rucola and horseradish mayonnaise 80 g 155 CZK


Pheasant broth with smoked duck liver dumplings and vegetable julienne 250 ml 80 CZK

Main courses

Mouflon goulash with salty pancakes 150 g 180 CZK
Grilled duck breast with Brussels sprouts, roasted chestnuts, mashed potatoes and sardine sauce 200 g 245 CZK
Fallow deer spine sous-vide with carrot puree, semolina gnocchi and red wine sauce with dried fruit 200 g 480 CZK
Wild boar tenderloin with wild broccoli, fried chanterelles and brioche sauce 200 g 190 CZK
Venison meatloaf with mashed potatoes and horseradish cucumber 150 g 145 CZK
Tagliatelle with boar ragues with root vegetables, red wine and cranberries 250 g 180 CZK


Green tea matcha parfait with chocolate and blackberries 1 ks 85 CZK
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