April, 25 . June, 30


New a la carte menu full of fresh flavors is here.


Gravlax with colored beets, fresh dill and citrus mousse 185 CZK


Wild garlic cream with smoked tongue dumplings, butter crouton and kefir 85 CZK

Main meals

Veal fillet fried in lard with Viennese potato salad, cornichons 360 CZK
Sirloin in cream with dumplings and cranberry cream 320 CZK
Ripe teres major with morel sauce, king mushroom and potato croquette 565 CZK
Chicken supreme stuffed with meat sauce with parsley puree and blanched vegetables 315 CZK
Grilled zander with dill veloute, round potatoes and green oil 345 CZK
Leaf salad with dried pork chop, colored grapes, asparagus and honey mustard dressing 245 CZK
Roasted kohlrabi with soft sheep´s milk cheese, roasted nuts and tapioca chips 215 CZK


Honey parfait with hibiscus syrup and blueberries 145 CZK
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