17. June

Spanish week

Gazpacho, paella or sweet churros? Spanish week 2019 is here! Stop by to taste delicious spanish menu.


Jamón serrano with dried tomatoes, capers, bread and olive oil 100 g  


Gazpacho soup with roasted toast bread 250 ml  
Spanish bean soup with roasted chorizo 250 ml  

Main courses

Leaf lettuce with lemon-mint dressing, melon and jamón serrano ham 250 g  
Traditional spanish paella with chicken, shrimps and mussels 250 g  
Cutlet steak with sherry, caramel and pineapple sauce 200 g  
Flank steak with pineaple salsa and baked parmesan potatoes 200 g  
Pasta salad with fresh vegetables, corn, crunchy leaf lettuce and thinly sliced turkey breast 250 g  


Dessert of the week 1 ks  
Churros with cinamon sugar and chocolate-chilli sauce  
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